KANHANGAD RUBBERS LIMITED COMPANY (registered under the Companies Act 1956) is a joint venture of the Rubber Board (Govt of India, Ministry of commerce and industries) , Rubber Producers Societies and individual growers , established in 1990, having its registered office at Kanhangad, Kasaragod district of Kerala.

Main objectives

    • To promote and provide for, by such measures as the company shall think fit, the permanent rehabilitation of small rubber growers in India including in particular by the centralized purchase of their rubber crop and processing and marketing of the same.
    • To produce, manufacture, refine, prepare, process, import, export, purchase, sell and otherwise deal in all forms of natural and synthetic rubbers and lattices and all products thereof.
    • To undertake research and development activities on improving the rubber plantation Industry with specific reference to the problems of the small growers of rubber
Some other objects to attain the main objectives are;
    • To undertake, assist in and encourage scientific, technological and economic research and to provide training in Rubber planting, maintenance, harvesting, processing and marketing of the crop.
    • To establish, run and maintain suitable nurseries of high yielding rubber plants.
    • To import, export, purchase and sell and otherwise deal in planting   materials, manure, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides , weedicides and other agrochemicals and all other inputs required by rubber growers .
    • To import, export, purchase, sell and otherwise deal in all machineries, equipments, tools and accessories required for or relating to the production, processing and manufacture of natural and synthetic rubbers and latices and all products thereof.
    • To undertake and provide  technical and advisory services to the rubber growers



(Operational area of the  company comprises whole the service area of Rubber Board Regional Offices; Thalassery, Thaliparamba, Sreekandapuram, Kanhangad, Mangalapuram, Kundapura & Goa)

Vision & Mission


To promote Quality Marketing in the rubber sector

Being a parallel marketing agency, make arrangements to save the planting community from the possible trade exploitations by providing  genuine planting materials & quality estate inputs at a reasonable price.

To give value protection to the farmer’s produce  by providing attractive price.

To participate in the implementation of various extension programmes and  schemes launched by the RUBBER BOARD directly  and  through the RPSs.

About Us
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